Can A Real Estate Agent Really Help You Sell or Buy a Property Wisely? 

Professional rapid city real estate agent are properly licensed property experts who represent both sellers and buyer’s real estate in any kind of transaction. Real estate agents usually work on commission, which means their income heavily depends on their own ability to assist their clients as well as close transactions.  

 Real Estate Agent

What Does a Real Estate Agent Do? 

Most real estate agents work for a realtor or a real estate broker who has extra certifications and additional training.  Real estate agents who work with property sellers, market the property by listing services, advertisements and networking. They actually perform different jobs, depending on whether they are working with a seller or a buyer.  

Real estate agents who work for the property seller often advise their clients on how they should properly price their house as well as prepare it for sale, such as providing tips on last minute property improvements that can help in boosting the price of a certain residential or commercial property, leading to a fast sale.  On the other hand, real estate agents who work with the buyers often search for available properties that will best match the wish list and price range of the buyer. These real estate agents usually look at past sale data in order to help prospective buyers identify a fair price for a particular property. Below, you will be able to learn some basic information why hiring a real estate agent is beneficial when you are planning to sell or buy a property.  

It is very important for the public to completely understand whether an agent represents the seller, the buyer, or both parties since the loyalty of the real estate agent can heavily affect some details of the transaction or negotiation, including the final price.  

As a matter of fact, state laws regulate that whether a real estate agent can be able to represent both parties or not, most states still allow this. However, real estate agents must make sure that they disclose their representation so that sellers and buyers are completely aware of any conflict that might take place. Traditionally, real estate agents are paid through commission base, which is a percentage of the sale price of a property.  

The more the property a real estate agent sells, the more money he or she makes. But, with online listings enabling people to do the shopping themselves without the help of a real estate agent, the traditional payment system is changing.   

The Difference Between an Agent, Broker and Realtor 

Typically, real estate brokers own a franchise or firm, and they are the ones responsible for approving final contracts as well as setting up earnest money accounts. As a matter of fact, states require real estate brokers to take more significant classes as well as to pass more necessary real estate exams than agents.  

Furthermore, real estate agents in work brokers, splitting their commissions or income with these supervisors. On the other hand, a realtor can be both broker and agent but it should be a part of the National Association of Realtors.