CBD for Arthritis Pain 

Cannabidiol, an active component that is derived from hemp plants but is distinct to marijuana, has been proven effective in treating chronic ailments including arthritis. Because it is CBD and not THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, it is not generally intoxicating and euphoric.

Its efficacy in treating arthritis in humans was found out after several trials were done in animal species resulted in a significant decrease in inflammation and pain. However, it is important to take note that although there are anecdotal evidences that prove its efficacy in relieving pain and inflammation, certain trials in humans are not thoroughly conducted and studies. Moreover, CBD in-takes has been acclaimed for their effectiveness in improving sleep and reducing anxiety. Learn more about CBD-related products available in the market.

CBD is generally safe to use depending on the dosage. In fact, the FDA has approved a drug containing CBD to treat two types of epileptic syndrome seizures in children. But still, regulations are needed when using the product. In the market, however, product varieties that contain CBD are available and marketed to the extent it is now popular on the Internet and social media platforms. Although not thoroughly tested and fully approved, the FDA has eased its restrictions in the usage of CBD-contained products. It is worthy to note, however, that dosage is an important factor to consider. So far, there are no serious concerns regarding safety that have been associated with moderate dosage only its potential reaction to certain drugs for medication. For instance, if an individual has a chronic disease and is currently taking medication, a doctor’s advice is needed before taking CBD as the CBD compounds may react to the medications of the patient. To which extent and whether the reaction is positive or negative, are a case-to-case basis. This is why it is important to seek medical advice if you are on medication. Specifically, if you are taking medications associated with arthritis, CBD may react to these medications as provided by anecdotal evidence.

Additionally, CBD is not without side effects in being used as a treatment for arthritis by certain individuals. Some admit that they experience nausea other mild side effects of CBD. Others also experience intoxication, similar to when you take marijuana, although this accounts for only 5% of the total users of CBD. As an explanation, this intoxication is most likely associated with an individual’s body reaction to newly introduced compounds in their body. Similar reactions are experienced by people being sedated when taking Advil. This is where a doctor’s prescription becomes relevant to identify if CBD would react positively or neutrally to your body. CBD may have benefits in alleviating inflammation caused by arthritis but it should not be used as a substitute for arthritis medicines.

Currently, CBD is legal in most states of America but the federal government still puts it in the gray zone. When purchasing and using CBD, it is essential that you state your state laws despite its prevalence on the Internet and online shops. Lastly, you should purchase quality CBD products. They may be expensive but they are generally safe to use and have no added components.